Sunday, January 3, 2016

Welcome to De-Fining Art: Mission Statment

We all experience art, but all do not understand it. As children we are given basic art supplies and are encouraged to use them. For some of us this turns into a life long relationship with the media open to the modern artist, but for many, the relationship fades and we move on with our lives. Those of us who continue to engage in the process of art making or viewing art are often confronted with unique and complex questions. It is a subject that starts with uncertainty, Art is, by nature, a subjective and abstract term, (even that statement is arguable); it is as much philosophy and metaphysics as it is concrete science. It should come as no surprise many people are confused by art, especially if they have silenced this great conversation at an early age.

De-Fining Art is a project to help make some sense of this complex world we call "Art". It is an attempt to catalogue art in some quantifiable or qualitative terms. It is a platform. Over the course of this project we will look into the broad and the narrow of this deep subject, while trying to offer multiple sides of the discussion.

Although I am an artist myself I am not a scholar, I am merely a student, I assume no authority over this subject matter and can only validate any claims made based on my sources. I encourage other members of the art community to offer contributions toward this page to help us all.

The content of this page will contain, but not be limited to, Art Theory/philosophy, history, technique, methods, subject matter, artists biographies, art movements, materials and mediums, interviews with artists, guest contributions, opinion pieces. and the occasional bit of inspiration.

I hope we can make the subject accessible to all some day. I've always thought he term fine art to be a bit pretentious, after all we are all artists.


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